Special train CC 6570
"The Great South" ("le Grand Sud")
Avignon - Bordeaux - Pau - Lourdes - Avignon

May 19th, 20th and 21st 2018 (Pentecost week-end )

On next May  19, 20 and 21 The APCC 6570 is organizing a special train named  "Great South" which will do a large loop in the South-West during all Pentecost week-end :

- Saturday May 19th : Avignon - Toulouse - Bordeaux

- Sunday May 20th : Bordeaux - Dax - Bayonne - Pau - Lourdes

- Monday May 21st (Pentecost Monday) : Lourdes - Pau, Pau - Tarbes - Toulouse - Avignon

Intermediate stops will take place during these three legs.

All these lines were used by CC 6500 at the time of their regular service. But it's close to 15 years ago that these powerful locomotives had deserted South-West of France.
This trip, organized by the APCC 6570 over three days will therefore be a rare occasion to see again a CC6500 along the Garonne River, in Bordeaux, in the Landes area, along the Gave de Pau river and on the famous ramp of Capvern.

Come on board to defend and encourage this project, an initiative of the APCC 6570 !

You'll find practical informations, fares and registration form hereafter.

Practical informations :

Several possibilities are proposed for your participation, with adapted fares for each formula :

- All three days on board of the special train
- Two days trip
- One day trip

The two days may not be consecutive (to spend the week-end in Toulouse for instance).

In Bordeaux and Pau, arrival times in the early or mid-afternoon will allow some sightseeing.

For the night of Sunday to Monday, our train will be parked in Lourdes. But on Monday morning, it will come back to Pau to pick-up passengers having spent the night in this town.

To prepare your trip, we invite you to see following websites :

- Tourist Office of Toulouse : Office de Tourisme de Toulouse
- Tourist Office of Pau : Office de Tourisme de Pau
- Tourist Office of Bordeaux : Office de Tourisme de Bordeaux

Registration and payment :

•  If you're paying by bank transfer  : Thanks for returning the registration form by e-mail and proceed to bank transfer simultaneously.

•  If you're paying by cheque : Thanks to send us the registration form and and the cheque in the same enveloppe by mail at the address given on the form.

In both cases, we will acknowledge your registration and thank you.

Your ticket will be sent to you about a week before train departure, at the e-mail address mentioned on the registration form.


Fares :

•  one day_______ 30 €
•  two days______ 50 €
•  three days____ 70 €

For groups, please consult us  (from 10 people).

Thanks also to consult us by e-mail for any other specific request (e-mail address opposite right).

Register :

Contact us :

For any additional information on this trip, do not hesitate to contact us: 

•  By e-mail apcc6570@orange.fr


Picture on page top : in 2011, a special APCC 6570 train on Lanespède viaduct, between Capvern and Tarbes.
(Photo Jean-Louis Poggi)

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