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Welcome to international visitors !

Regularly, English speaking people are welcomed on board of our historical trains pulled by the CC 6570. We also know that our website and our YouTube channel meet interest from many foreign people.

To ease reading of information shown on our website for English speaking people, we’ve translated most of the pages. These pages are accessible by clicking on the British flag visible on each page available in English (top right). English table of contents is also offered.

We would be extremely happy welcoming even more foreign passengers on our historical trains with the CC 6570 or, in the near future, BB 25500.

We’re also open to study any specific projects (group travel, special trains…) for clubs, associations or organisms. Feel free to contact us, you will be most welcome.

Enjoy discovering our website in English !

APCC 6570

The two BB 25500 preseved by APCC 6570 are now operational.
Click on pictures to see photos reports of their forst traction testing.