CC 6573
In service date :
26/05/75 at Lyon-Mouche
Depots :
Paris Sud-Ouest on 01/01/86 - Vénissieux on 24/01/93
Major overhauls (RG) :
Kilométrage Date début Date fin
Withdrawal from use date :
Mileage since origin (km) : 6 585 932 km
Additional information :

Baptisée le 25/10/86 : Libourne

CC 6573 was the only one show a white SNCF front marking on orange background as well as a body top painted in light grey (like CC 6572).
In Fos-Coussoul in June2004, it was still carrying a coat of arms (on only one of its sides).
It looks really splendid !

(Photo Fabrice Douhet)

CC 6573 passing by Villeneuve les Avignon. On this side, it no longer has its coat of arms.
A nice fall background.

(Photo Roland Badosa)

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