Photos gallery : the whole CC 6500 series

As a game and because we’re passionate by these magnificent locomotives, we grouped in one gallery all CC 6500. There is at least one picture of each CC 6500 in this gallery, often several to illustrate the different liveries worn by this locomotive along its career.

A first picture for pleasure : the four different liveries of CC 6500 grouped in Miramas depot on August 15th 2004. This alignement was made possible thanks to help and initiative of two APCC 6570 members.

Other pictures with several CC 6500 can be seen in section “CC 6500, groups pictures”.

At last, section named “CC 6500 final destination” shows pictures taken in Roanne (with drawn locomotives stocked before scrapping) and Baroncourt (scrapyard). Sensitive souls should abstain …

From left to right, CC 6568 “concrete”, 6511 red, 6552 Fret (freight) and 6558 “Maurienne”.
(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

Photos gallery : the whole CC 6500 series
CC 6500 : groups pictures CC 6500 : final destination ...
CC 6500 : 2006 peak time in Maurienne CC 6500 : last trains on freight (december 2005)
CC 6500 : 2007 peak time in Maurienne Farewell week end to CC 6500 may 12 and 13 2007
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