May 12 and 13 2007
Farewell week-end to CC 6500

To give a tribute to CC 6500 Just before their définitive disappearance, SNCF managers of Rhône-Alpes region had organized a farewell week end to the series on May 12th and 13th 2007.

The last four remaining locomotives were planned to be used for this special occasion : CC 6549, 6558, 6559 and 6575. Actually, the last one could eventually not be used, but it was still a great time !

Following pictures are here to show what this farewell week-end was like.
We know that CC 6500s that were still operational at that time have in fact survived almost two months after this great week-end as their very last services took place on July 3rd 2007.
But we had to give a tribute to SNCF agents having organized this farewell week-end.

Saturday May 12th 2007

First CC 6500 to start on late morning : CC 6559.

It is seen here with train TER 883 309 Chambéry (11:05 AM) Modane (12:41 AM), leaving  Saint-Avre.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

Same train a few miles before Modane.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

On its side CC 6558 had left Lyon-Perrache at  12:07 AM with train TER 883 312 to Modane.
It is seen here coming out of Brison Saint-Innocent tunnel, a well known site of the line.

(Photo Sylvain Costes)

It is seen here in Pontamafrey, with same train No TER 883 312.

(Photo David Communieux)

Modane station :

CC 6558 is seen while about to go to the depot and passing by a FS (Italian Railways) E633 electric locomotive.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

CC 6558 is doing a complete turn on Modane depot turntable making photographers happy.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

Around 3:30 PM, CC 6559 is about to leave the depot to do a return trip between Modane and St Jean de Maurienne with a regional train. In the back ground, platform tracks of Modane station can be seen.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

CC 6558 left Modane at 4:57 with train TER 883 366 to Chambéry. It is seen here a few minutes after leaving Modane.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

Same train seen much lower in the valley, leaving Montmélian.

(Photo D. Communieux)

On late afternoon, CC 6559 left Modane with train TER 883 369 to Lyon-Perrache. It is seen passing by Croix d'Aiguebelle, exceptionally taking track on the right.

(Photo Pierre Chavernac)

Sunday May 13th 2007

While some of us were in Maurienne valley to track CC 6558 and 6559, CC 6575 went for the very last time to Paris with regular train No 891 034 Lyon-Perrache (3:57 PM) - Paris (9:40 PM).

It spent the night in Charolais depot in which it is seen here before leaving to Lyon.

(Photo Laurent Montré)

Return trip Paris (3:57 PM) - Lyon (9:50 PM) with train TER 891 013.
Bearing a Mistral front plate, CC 6575 is seen passing by Vert de Maison with its nice eight cars train.

(Photo Laurent Montré)

On its side, CC 6559 made a return trip Lyon - Marseille with trains 17707 and 17712.

Picture is taken in Rognac station, an easily recognizable place with its vintage PLM signal.

Between Avignon and Marseille, train No 17707 was driven by a professional driver, also member of APCC 6570. Luck is sometimes nice … if helped a little …

(Photo David Communieux)

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