APCC 6570
Association pour la Préservation de la CC 6570

APCC 6570 (Association for preserving the CC 6570) was created in January 2005.

The association now includes some 80 members from various horizons, railway employees or not. They are all railway enthusiasts in general and CC 6500 in particular.
It is important to underline that the CC 6570 remains a SNCF property. By a specific convention, the CC 6570 is handed over for a 10 years period.

APCC 6570 goals are as follows :

  • Keep the CC 6570 in perfect presentation and operational conditions so that it can move by itself ;

  • Present the CC 6570 to public during events like Heritage Days, “I like the train” days, open days on railway themes, etc. ;

  • Use the CC 6570 on what it is made for i.e. pulling trains (special trains organized by the SNCF, APCC 6570 or other associations) to keep alive memories of great T.E.E, express, long range trains of the seventies.

The first special train pulled by the CC 6570 took place in June 2007. At the end of 2017, the milestone of 20 000 km / 12 500 mi. since its preservation by the APCC 6570 was passed.

Thanks to its president Roland Badosa and its members dynamism, their competencies in numerous domains, the APCC 6570 also preserved more recently the BB 25639 and 25660.


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Hereunder 3 of founding members including its president Roland BADOSA (also on the right).

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